Biyernes, Hunyo 24, 2011

Ukayero on the loose, what is?

Hey there! This is my first post for Ukayero on the loose. You can call me UKAYERO.

So what will this blog be all about? Well, this blog shall contain everything about my Ukay Ukay experiences. You see, I love dressing up, I love fashion. And when you say fashion, besides those signature brands, Ukay comes into your mind. So yes, I'd be sharing to you my UK escapadaes, my UK finds, their locations and much more. So come with me as we explore the world of Ukay Ukay. I hope you'd find this blog entertaining and informational as well :)


This is my first time to run a blog so please bare with me with all the kapalpakans and other shortcomings. First time nga eh. 

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