Miyerkules, Disyembre 07, 2011

Time to Make Up!

I just got home from SM Mall of Asia finding something to give for my Monita for tomorrow's Christmas Party. Yes, tomorrow is our Christmas party...that early. I was tired but something urges me to write a blog post..about my new set of make up. Not an extravagant set though but seeing them still excites me. I used to wear make up before but because of my hectic and stressful work (oh really?), I kind of left them behind. So now, with the influence of an office mate who retails make up brushes and a friend who is a a beauty blogger and a make up seller also, I've decided, it's time to go back to putting on some make up. So here's my basic set of make up. Btw, my peg for this is the natural look :)

Charm Kabuki Brush
 This Charm Kabuki Brush I bought from my office mate who retails Charm Make up brushes from Beauty and Minerals. Here is the link for her collection https://www.facebook.com/anlysiasin?ref=ts#!/media/set/?set=a.10150352445126717.349632.626566716&type=3.
Cover Girl Tru Blend Brozer..Easy Breezy..Cover Girl :)

Jane Be Pure Mineral Foundation
I bought Jane Be Pure Mineral Foundation from All Glammed Up! owned by a beauty blogger and a good friend of mine, Gelleesh. http://allglammedup.weebly.com/

ELF Healthy Glow Bronzer

So there, my new make up line I'm going to use tomorrow for our Cowboy-themed Christmas Party.

Ciao! Happy Make upping! :)

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