Martes, Agosto 30, 2011

Black Coated Britain

Hey there ukay fanatics! I know it's been ages since I last updated my blog. Sorry naman, been kinda busy with work and having a 6-day workweek is kind of stressful. Kaya naman this long weekend lang ako nagkaroon ng time to post yet another ukay finds.Enough of my explanations and justifications. Let's get down to business..ukay business that is.

So 8/29, I went to a mall to get myself a pair of shoes only to find out that wala nang size for me. Crap! So I tried looking for another brand, another style, but failed. At bilang nadisappont ako, hindi pwedeng umuwi ako ng bahay ng walang dala so I decided to got to the nearest ukay ukay to find stuff. (Pampalubag loob baga :)) Thank heavens, I found three!.. Pero don't get too excited yet, dalawa lang muna yung ipopost ko for now kasi I have to have one of them repaired pa. So here it is.

UNA: Black Satin Shorts (P70.00)

This short I really love. At first sight, it might not look very appealing but when I tried it on, BAM! Bongga! Fit is good (sa akin) and the style ofcourse. Basta it has something. :)

IKALAWA: Gray Coat (P160.00)

A very essential piece of clothing for me.  Just put it on, and with any top, you could go partying na, giving you a bit of a formal preppy look.


I associated my previous ukay find for my inner wear to give it a bit of a spice since the featured pieces were plain.

So there, I hope you guys liked this post. And I promise, cross my heart, I'll update this blog as often as I could. Sana yung next post hindi abutin ng more than a month :)

Ciao! Have a fabulous day!

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  1. i love the gray coat and let's go out soon! i miss you voooon! :)

  2. sure gellie!..malapit na pala cosmo bachelor bash..wala k bang invite? sama mo ako ha :)