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And I'm Off to Palawan (Part 1)

After 8 months of waiting, October 13 has finally arrived! Gloomy, almost-stormy Thursday afternoon is the moment intended for our flight going to Palawan. Yes, Ukayero, together with some friends, visited Puerto Princesa, Palawan. We stayed there for 4 nights and 5 days. Oh di ba, bakasyon galore kami.

In case you don't know, Puerto Princesa is the home of the world-famous Subterranean River Park which is, by the way, nominated to be one of the new 7 wonders of nature. (,

So yun na nga, let's go back to our Palawan trip na.. I was with my good friends Zarlyn, Cecil, Marlon and Alpha.

Zar, Me, Ces, Marlon, Phang
Yes, lulan kami ng Cebu Pacific. Flight's scheduled at 3:45pm so we were there at around 2:30 na since nag web check-in kami. Adhering to my goal to promote ukay items, outfits I wore during our Palawan trip are mostly my ukay finds. (naks, ako na ang propeta ng Ukay Ukay!).

So I wore a plaid long sleeves, an Ukay item I bought for P100  paired with my black satin shorts (featured on my previous post). Shoes from Mario D.boro.

The flight was delayed 2 times due to the bad weather, I guess. So we left Manila at around 5:30 pm na and arrived at Puerto Princesa almost after an hour.

Upon arrival at Puerto Princesa Airport,  sinundo kami ng van to get us to Marrianne Inn, where we would be staying for the rest of our vacay.

photo courtesy of

We stayed on their family room and got 2 extra bed to accomodate all 5 of us in 1 room.

The family room was quite spacious. Flat -screen TV, a cabinet and an intercom included. CR is malaki as well with hot and cold water. With very accomodating staff and personnel, staying at Marianne Inn is sulit talaga not to mention their free breakfast pa. :)

So after unpacking, nagretouch na kami to get ready for dinner and first night of party!!! Although medyo pagod, excitement overcame all of us.

And now we're ready for Puerto Princesa


For our first Palawan Dinner, we decided to go to Kinabuch's Grill and Bar.

We ordered sinigang na baboy, inihaw na liempo and croocodile meat ala bicol express. But ofcourse, palalagpasin ba naman namin ang dish na sikat sa Puerto Princesa, ang Tamilok. Pero to tone it down, we decided to order the breaded one para hindi naman kitang kita ang pagiging uod ng dish namen :)

while we were waiting for our order..smiling kahit starving

Crocodile Meat ala Bicol Express

Breaded Tamilok (worms) paired with a suka na sobrang nakakalasing :)
Edi after magpakabusog, it's time for us to have some drinks and to party!.. We headed to Tiki Restobar

The Stage
The Performers..hahaha!
TiKi Bar has got some very nice tribal interiors, large stage and very intriguing rest rooms.

Since may live band ang bar na ito, I  grabbed the chance to jam with them na din.. :) Come on, wala naman saking nakakakilala dito and malayo ito sa Maynila kaya I went for it. Besides, pinalabas nila na birthday ko that day (although malapit na din naman..justifying)

We had a lot of fun that night. We got drunk, we danced and partied a lot. Kami nga lang nageenjoy dun sa bar eh :) Meyo nagulat lang kami kasi may bayad ang ice and tissue sa bar na ito kaya mega save kami. Sayang din P10, pamasahe na yun pauwi sa hotel. We arrived at the hotel around 2:30am na. Onting linis and natulog na kami coz we would be having a long day the next day so we need to get some energeh!


We woke up at 8am, took a bath and went down for breakfast. Since ako ang nahuling nagising, ako din ang huling nakaligo at pinasunod na lang nila ako sa baba for breakfast. Such good friends, aren't they? :)

Breakfast to get us going...

Zar and Alpha enjoying the breakfast

For breakfast, we had rice, sunny side up, fish, longganisa, bulalo and coffee/milo. Since I'm still thrilled with what's happening, I wasn't able to finish all of them.

At 9:00, our driver, Kuya Danny arrived to bring us to the Underground River. Yey! Since, 5 lang kami, ang luwag luwag namin sa van. Alpha, the event coordinator (hahaha) is beside Kuya Danny asking whatever questions about the trip. I was on the 2nd row. Zar on the third and Ces and Marlon sa pinakalikod.

Tulog tulugan..

It was quite a long trip to the beach but since we were kind of amazed with what we are seeing, we had lots of stop overs to have a photo op.

Jump shot 1
Jump shot 2

Jump shot 3

And we arrived at Sabang Beach at around 11:00am. Kaso, according to Kuya Danny, 1pm pa ang alis ng bangka papunta sa Underground River so we decided to take a dip on the beach muna and have lunch.

Jump shot 4..madami kaming energy eh!
on our way to the Underground River

while we are waiting for our turn to go inside the cave..haist, tagal! :)

inside the cave...
I must say, going inside the  very mysterious Puerto Princesa Underground River is a great experience. I never thought I'd be having a great time looking at those stalagmites and stalactites and how they have formed into things we see everyday like vegetables and even dinosaurs :) You read it right, meron dung parang dino formation. Addition to the entertainment inside the cave are the tourist guides who give facts about the cave. The boat ride took about 30 minutes but I swear, hindi niyo mararamdaman na 30 mimutes na because of the awe na mafifeel niyo inside the cave.

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