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And I'm Off to Palawan (Part 2)

And I'm back for the second installment of our Palawan trip. Thank heavens it did not take 2 months for me to write this next blog post :)

So yun, after Underground River, we drove back to the plaza (same city but will take you 2 hours of driving-- that's how big Puerto Princesa City is), ate dinner and headed back to the hotel. After some rest, we geared for yet another night out-- Puerto Princesa Baywalk.


This day is dedicated for island hopping. Destination: Pandan Island, Snake Island and Starfish Island.

Pandan Island (Best Island among the three)
Snake Island
Snake Island pa din where we had lunch
Starfish Island is my favorite among the three because we had a lot fun taking pictures and wearing those Tahitian costumes which can be found there. :)

Don't you just love those grass skirts?

After this, we want back to the hotel na, had a bit of a rest and had dinner na at Balinsasayaw Restaurant.


The City Tour Day, on this day, we visited different well-known travel landmarks in the City of Puerto Princesa.

First stop is the Butterfly Garden (with other insects, too! :))

hihihi..wala lang :)

Baker's Hills where we bought pasalubong like Hopia and other sorts of sweets.

Then, to eat lunch, we visited Mitra's Garden. It is like Tagaytay's Picnic Grove, fresh air and very serene. Stayed there until 2pm then went straight to the Crocodile Farm.

After the tiring day tour, we had dinner at Haim Chicken Inato. This place was a surprise. It has this fancy restaurant ambiance but very affordable prices and not to mention the yummy-ness of the food they serve.


We then had a videoke night at Salo located at Legend Hotel. It's just sad that they are only open until 1am. Bitin tuloy kami sa pagbirit.


We spent our last hours in Puerto Princesa buying pasalubongs. We left the hotel at 2:00 pm and went on board at around 4pm.

Our stay at Palawan is capital F-U-N, although nakakaubos ng pera and may some sort of unpleasant happenings, it was all worth the experience. Truly, nothing beats travelling together with your friends (lalo na kung stressed-out ka sa work :)) I am looking forward for our next destination, hopefully, out-of-the-country na next time. Let's do this!

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